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The company Bahrmann has a long history, reaching all the way back to the year 1885. The founder Dr. Theodor Horn (1854 – 1925) received a patent for the first eddy-current tachometer and started in Leipzig the production of the first instruments – the industrial revolution measurement was born. To this day, the inventions of Dr. Theodor Horn are the milestones of the company Dr. Horn.

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In 1952 the industrialist Carl Bahrmann and Dr. phil. Erhard Horn, a son of Dr. Theodor Horn, founded the new Dr. E. Horn GmbH in Schönaich near Stuttgart. 40 employees continued with the production of the Horn speed indicators and revolution counters following the tradition of the company founder.

The growing importance of the international business leaded to the foundation of the Bahrmann GmbH as a commercial enterprise in the year 1980. Trading products made the portfolio perfect. New application related fields like the vibration measurement and the laser measurement opened up new vistas, which had to be dealt with and offered to the customers in parallel to the products and systems of Dr. Horn. The cooperation between Ono Sokki/Tokyo and Bahrmann GmbH was one of the first joint ventures in Germany with a Japanese company.

Fussball 1990

Together with the Dr. Horn Bahrmann is running the BSG Bahrmann and on the company’s own sports ground there has been until today a regular training.
PS: Some of the active participants are retired, but the main part – although meanwhile athletic passive – is still in business.
Here some examples of planned and realized test stands.

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