ONO SOKKI Measurement Units

Bahrmann is offering measure systems from ONO SOKKI, Japan, founded in 1954 – reputed to be „World First“ or „Industrial Standard“ in various fields, reflect our constant pursuit of original technologies.

Our cooperation with ONO SOKKI started with joint venture in 1985 !

We offer

  • torque measurement systems
  • rpm and speed
  • sound and
  • vibration

rp-Film   vib_a_1 OnoSokki   ft7200apli_1e

For detailed information please have a look to Ono Sokki web site


For FFT mesurement systems please ask:

                     Compumess Elektronik GmbH,  Lise-Meitner-Straße  4,  D-85716  Unterschleißheim

Phone:   +49 89 321 501 0                                                                         Web:  compumess.de